China has made remarkable progress in its rice sector, as its per capita grain possession exceeds 474.4 kg. Post-harvest loss management, such as promoting advanced and practical green grain storage technology and information technology has played a significant role in contributing China’s achievement. Through South-South Cooperation, the experience and lessons learned at the technical and policy level from China could assist the African rice stakeholders in addressing some of the challenges encountered in the past few decades. WFP China COE, in collaboration with CERFAM, has already placed the rice value chain with high importance and is dedicated to enhancing China-Africa cooperation on the rice value chain. BILL&MELINDA Gates Foundation in China has been engaged with Chinese academic partners aiming to support Africa’s agricultural extension system for local capacity development in some Africa countries and has supported this project financially as well. It is the common vision that rice value chain enhancement would be a prime entry point for WFP and BILL&MELINDA Gates Foundation in China to jointly make their due contributions to support and help African nation’s capacity for food security.

What You’ll Learn

Strengthen the capacity of smallholder farmers mainly focus on rice value chain, especially the post-harvest loss management

Course Learning Plan


Introduction of the rice value chain projects in CIV and Guinea
Experiences and lessons learned in rice value chain development