In this lecture, we will continue discussing the various technologies and equipment that have been developed in China to address the issue of food waste and loss reduction. China has implemented a number of special projects since the "Tenth Five-Year Plan", and developed some projects, these projects have aimed to develop food-saving technologies and equipment to prevent food waste and loss. One such development has been the farmers' grain storage, which includes various types of storage facilities such as the combined color steel barn, steel mesh barn, combined steel mesh barn, large combined steel mesh barn, small drying barn, and drum-type natural barn. These storage facilities help to keep the grain safe from pests and environmental factors, preventing spoilage and loss. Moreover, the implementation of pesticide and pest control technology has also contributed to the reduction of food loss. This technology helps to prevent the damage caused by pests, and reduces the use of harmful pesticides that can contaminate the food. Overall, this lecture will provide an in-depth understanding of the various technologies and equipment used to prevent food waste and loss in China, and how they have contributed to the sustainable development of the food industry.