This course is an online training session on rice post-harvest management delivered by a Ph.D. Professor AN Hongzhou. The training covers various aspects of rice processing technology, equipment, and quality. It discusses the current situation of world rice production, existing problems in rice processing, and a comparison of rice processing quality index and nutritional composition in different countries. The passage also discusses the definition of "milling degree" in rice standards and the challenges faced by rice mill companies in controlling milling degree accurately. Furthermore, it outlines the technological processes involved in rice cleaning and milling, with the aim of achieving the highest yield of white rice with the best quality. The passage discusses the importance of accurate and moderate processing to reduce loss and waste during rice processing. It also highlights the microstructure and properties of brown rice and the chemical compounds responsible for the aroma of cooked rice.

What You’ll Learn

Course Learning Plan


Overview of rice processing
Technology & equipment of reducing rice loss
Appropriate processing technology and its application
Precise processing technology and its application
Deep processing technology and its application