In China, innovative and digitalized models, such as grain bank and e-trading platform, have been adopted to support the smallholder market access and better post-harvest management. The grain bank supports smallholders from grain storage, processing to financial service and many other activities. There are some large grain banks in Shandong, Henan, Heilongjiang, and other major grain-producing areas in China. E-trading platform is another model showcasing the informatized and digitalized grain storage to support smallholder market access. China has gained experience from the past decades in the above-mentioned models, which can be shared and exchanged with other developing countries. In responding to the local needs from government and stakeholders in Ghana, WFP China COE in collaboration with Ghana Country Office will organize a Series of Workshops on Innovative and Digitalized Smallholder Market Access to improve the smallholder market access. Meanwhile, such exchanges will promote the technical exchange between China and Ghana under South-South Cooperation and thus will facilitate further collaboration between two countries.

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How do China's grain banks support smallholders?
How do E-trading platforms facilitate smallholders' market access in China?