This course is about vegetable field management, specifically covering tillage, transplantation, topdressing, irrigation and drainage, and environment management. In the section on tillage, the importance of soil requirements for vegetable growth is discussed, along with the properties of vegetable soil and methods for improving soil fertility. This course emphasizes the role and tasks of soil tillage, including the bedding of soil. In the section on transplantation, the process of cultivating vegetable seedlings to land soil is outlined, including land soil preparation, seedling preparation, and transplant tools. The period of transplant is also discussed in relation to climate, facility property, vegetable species and variety characteristics, target market time, and weather conditions. The method of transplant is also covered, with an emphasis on reducing root injury and planting structure.The class also includes a section on topdressing technology, covering the use of organic and chemical fertilizers. The importance of selecting the right fertilizer and applying it at the right time is emphasized.Overall, this course provides a comprehensive overview of vegetable field management, offering practical tips and techniques for improving crop yields and ensuring successful cultivation.