Welcome to the class on incubation and hatching eggs. In this class, we will explore the process of incubating and hatching eggs, which is a crucial aspect of poultry production. We will discuss the necessary equipment for incubation, including the incubator, thermometer, and hygrometer, and the ideal temperature and humidity levels for optimal hatching. We will also cover the essential steps in egg selection, including egg size, shape, and shell quality, and the importance of proper storage and handling of the eggs before incubation. The class will also cover the incubation process, including egg turning, ventilation, and candling. Furthermore, we will explore the stages of embryo development, from fertilization to hatching, and the necessary conditions for successful hatching. We will also discuss the appropriate measures for maintaining the health of the embryos, including vaccination and medication. By the end of this class, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the incubation and hatching process, and you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to successfully hatch healthy chicks.