The "Seminar on Post-Harvest Loss Management: A South-South Cooperation Policy Dialogue on Resilient Food Systems in a Sustainable Way" is a vital event divided into four informative sessions, each addressing critical aspects of post-harvest loss management to promote resilient and sustainable food systems.


Session 1 begins with a focus on "Grain Harvesting Losses and Grain Drying Technology," providing insights into efficient grain handling practices. The session further explores post-harvest loss management in the context of the rice industry in Madagascar. Wang Wanzhang shares valuable expertise in this session.


Session 2 concentrates on "Grain Storage and Transportation Loss Management Systems in China," highlighting effective measures to reduce losses during storage and transportation. It also discusses the strategic reserves of the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) and the management of losses post-harvest, featuring insights from Cota.


In Session 3, the seminar delves into "China's Food Processing Losses and Implementation of the Loss-Reduction Program," providing a comprehensive view of loss reduction in food processing. The session also features an exploration of post-harvest loss management in Botswana, with contributions from Dr. An.


Session 4 concludes the seminar by addressing the crucial topic of "Unlocking the Potential: Transforming Supply Chains to Minimize Post-Harvest Losses." It also presents a case study on post-harvest losses in Zambia and the mitigation measures applied to the National Strategic Food Reserves.


This seminar aims to facilitate a meaningful exchange of knowledge and best practices to enhance the sustainability and resilience of food systems by mitigating post-harvest losses. It serves as a platform for cross-border cooperation, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and food-secure future.