On May 25, 2023, the seminar on climate change resilience building against global food crisis was held at the UN Compound in Beijing.The session focused on building climate resilience against the global food crisis. First, Volli Carucci, Director of Resilience & Food Systems Service at WFP HQ, discussed WFP's contribution to resilience building in the context of the global food crisis. Dr. Li Aike, Chief Professor of the Academy of National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, highlighted the response of the grain distribution industry to climate change and ensuring national food security. Then, Zhao Zhihai, Chief Expert at Zhangjiakou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, discussed the role of foxtail millet in climate change. Li Hongbo, Deputy Manager at Zhejiang Zhongsui Grain Reserve Warehouse, presented on the application of new energy in grain storage. Nanna Skau, Representative/Country Director of WFP Armenia, discussed Armenia's environmental risks and renewable energy promotion. The session concluded with an open floor discussion.

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