Zhang Chengzhu
Chairman, agriculture

Zhang Chengzhu

Mr. Zhang Chengzhu, currently the Chairman of Gansu Zefeng Xincheng Farmers Cooperatives and Huanxian Xinliyuan Supply and Marketing Co., LTD. In Qingyang, Gansu Province of China. He started the grain bank business in 2012. Up to now, more than 3,000 households have opened grain banks, which are divided into two types: regular and current. Individual farmers have freedom of grain storage, value preservation and appreciation, interest on grain storage, and convenient exchange.

With farmers as the main focus, we will implement "two generations and one exchange" (grain storage, processing and variety exchange on behalf of farmers) to reduce grain loss and waste.

Main experience:

1. Focus on services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers;

2. Guarantee the quality of exchange products;s

3. Constantly explore and improve the management mechanism;

4. Reduce link defects, reduce cost addition, and obtain maximum benefits with minimum cost.